Zodiac Candles by Madame Phoenix (Multiple Options)


Use Madame Phoenix's Zodiac Candles to amplify the energy of the sun sign currently active. Or, grab a candle that fits your sign to raise your vibrations all year. 

Madame Phoenix 12 oz. candles are individually made with high quality soy wax, a cotton wick, natural dyes and filled with pure essential oils, expertly blended to achieve a specific magical effect. Vegan and Fair Trade. Candle lasts up to 72-90 hours.

Burn 6-8 hours at a time at most and trim wick to 1/4" before relighting.

Aquarius is witty, original, visionary, altruistic and clever, expressive and original. Be careful not be aloof and unnecessarily rebellious.

Aries is bold, brazen and energetic. Great for beginning new projects and journeys. Be careful not to be hasty or bad tempered! 

Cancer is deep, sensitive, emotional and loyal; be care to avoid depression and clinginess though! 

Capricorn is responsible, loyal, resourceful, patient, ambitious and practical - be careful not to be conceited and inhibited!

Gemini is a quick learner, mentally agile and great at speaking - be careful to stay on track and avoid gossip. 

Leos are friendly, outgoing, and charismatic - be careful not to let your ego tempt you into being vain or prideful.

Libra is the statesman - someone who is diplomatic, empathic, adaptable, just and eloquent; be mindful of indecisiveness. 

Pisces is the sensitive, often psychic visionary and nurturer. Caring, altruistic, and artistic, they are faithful and compassionate - often to a fault. 

Sagittarius - the Archer - is known for frank speech, good advice and possessing an insatiable energy.

Scorpio is the fierce strategist who embraces power and self-mastery. 

Taurus is patient, methodical and reliable; they are also the best of friends as they are honest - often to a fault!

Virgo is precise and knows what she does and doesn't want - adaptable and resourceful; watch being too focused on work though!

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