7 Day Candle - Florida Water by Madame Phoenix


Don’t know what Florida water is? Well - This blend of traditional waters and essential oils is a powerful, wonderful smelling spiritual cologne that has been used for around 200 years in Hoodoo, Voodou, Santeria and other spiritual practices for spiritual cleansing and purification - in addition, it is used ...

To bring blessings:
As a spiritual bath to lift heavy energy from your aura
As an addition to your floor wash to cleanse your home or work
As a cologne for peace, blessings, uplifting energy and purification
As an offering to your ancestors
As a tool to cleanse your altar, shrines or tools
As an offering to any spirits or gods you work with.

Use this spiritual candle to cut and clear heavy negative energy from you. A great addition to any uncrossing, spell breaking, jinx removing or blessing ritual. 

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