This Might Hurt Tarot Cloth


21.5” x 21.5” screen printed tarot cloth, 100% cotton. Can be used as a surface for readings or worn as a bandana! Large enough for a Celtic cross spread. Made to accompany the This Might Hurt Tarot deck, by Isabella Rotman.

This may be laid down to create space for readings, with lines radiating from the center to lay spreads on. The center design features the four symbols of the suits (cup, knife, wand, and pentacles) while the edges depict double ouroboros snakes curling through pomegranate florals. The ouroboros is a symbol associated with This Might Hurt Tarot and the cyclical nature of life, while the pomegranates link the cloth to the veil behind the High Priestess.

Each cloth is screen printed in white on a black cotton bandana. Screen printing is not an exact process, so please forgive minor imperfections in the print. Each print will be slightly different from one another, and slightly different from how it is pictured. Item will be folded for packaging, so you may wish to iron it before use to get the wrinkles out.