This Might Hurt Tarot (Multiple Options)


This Might Hurt Tarot is a modern deck in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, backed by 743 backers on Kickstarter.

Keeping time-honored symbolism and imagery, but losing the medieval context, the This Might Hurt Tarot Deck is designed to be both easy to read and highly relatable. Clothing and scenery are modernized, diversity is embraced, and queerness is lovingly acknowledged. 

The cards themselves measure 4.75"x 2.75" and are printed on high-quality 350 gsm matte art paper. Each card has a shiny gilded edge to add just a bit of magic, with a holographic pearl or holographic black finish. The deck comes in a solid cardboard box with gold foil and magnetic closure, complete with a guidebook with introduction, card descriptions, and a full page black and white image of each card. 

The deck, like most tarot decks, consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. All of the court cards, and a few other select Minor Arcana cards, are portraits of real people in Rotman's life. Of the deck Rotman says, "It has been an absolute joy to create this deck in the image of our world, and I hope it is a joy for you to read with it as well."

Now available in a French language edition featuring improved deluxe packaging and larger-sized French guidebook, from French publisher Arcana Sacra. (NB: French language edition does not have edged gilding.) Our English version is the First Edition / Fifth Printing of the deck.

Also check out its companion reading cloth and fabric patches, also by Isabella Rotman! 

The Artists


Isabella Rotman (Creator)

Isabella is a cartoonist, illustrator, and self publisher from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. She started drawing this tarot deck because she was learning how to read tarot cards for herself, and she learns by drawing. What started as a casual project where she would draw cards to learn their symbolism quickly turned into a full 78 -card deck that she has been obsessively and joyfully drawing for over two years. You can see Isabella’s other work at


Addison Duke (Colorist)

Addison is a Chicago-based colorist/illustrator for Dynamite and Image Comics. Addison's current works include Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman, Barbarella/Dejah Thoris, and Curse Words.  Follow Addison on Twitter at @AddisonDuke.

A personal favourite of mine, this unique tarot deck has an energy both dynamic and playful, while still possessing the compelling and iconic power of classic RWS. A great deck for tarot newcomers, experienced readers, and fans of the RWS alike.


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