Seeing the World - Tarot Signposts on the Path to Perception


By Jean-Claude Flornoy, translated and annotated by David Vine

An English translation of Flornoy's "Le Pèlerinage des Bateleurs" (2007).

Flornoy's work presents a fascinating way to get one's bearings through that fabulous tool of self-knowledge: The tarot, specifically the timeless Tarot de Marseille. Recognizing where we are is no easy task to begin with, still less so is figuring out where we are going. The cards of the tarot constitute a land of psychological adventure. They describe an array of ways to live, to perceive, and to make sense of the world around us, A veritable sacred geography, the Tarot offers signposts to help orient the traveler making the journey of the soul.

This thoughtful and insightful treatise on the Tarot de Marseilles also features a card from Flornoy's beautiful Noblet deck as a bookmark. (N.B. Included card may vary.)


One of my favourite books on the Tarot de Marseille, Flornoy's work presents a thought-provoking view of the tarot as both a journey and a tool for psychological and spiritual development. This book also presents a really unique look at the tarot, viewed through the lens of the culture surrounding the artisans who hand-created tarot decks throughout the 1500s and 1600s. A definite must-read for enthusiasts and those keenly interested in the history of the tarot. 
-- Justin