Tarot de Marseille - Jean Noblet (Flornoy)


A classic Marseille Deck in a beautifully printed edition. 

This is the deck I have read with for the last several years. 

"The originality of this extremely elegant tarot resides in its age and its unusually small size. It is the oldest known tarot of the "Marseille" tradition. One of its many particularities is that it dares to identify Arcanum XIII, usually unnamed, and frankly calls it « Death ».

Noblet, even more than Dodal, belongs to a time when traditional knowledge was still being transmitted from master engraver to his apprentice. He is closer to the source than all who follow him: in this resides his greatest interest. Specialists, and all who enjoy significant details, will find plenty of features here worth examining."

~ From the manufacturers website

The cards are 2.5 x 4 inches. Printed on solid card stock. 

You can pick up a leather case for this deck here.

Now available in a new 2022 printing. Includes a bilingual (French and English) guidebook.  

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