Murder of Crows Tarot (Limited Collector's Edition Kit) (Out of Print)


"The Crows always came last. They see all, and yet they only rule over endings. Disquiet is their voice, as they bring their merciless wisdom to those who seek them..."

As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings you the answers you need, although not always what you wanted. This captivating deck by Corrado Roi presents crows in all their gothic glory. It awakens your soul, bringing enlightenment as well as fear and disquiet. In striking black and white, this deck is a necessary addition to your collection.

This limited collector's edition of the popular deck by Corrado Roi comes in a premium quality box, set in striking red and black colours. The deck itself features the same powerful, brutal artwork of the original edition but with bold red highlights. Includes 80 cards with instructional book.


About the Authors

Corrado Roi is an Italian comic book artist and was a staff artist at Sergio Bonelli Editore. He's known for his work on Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, Nick Raider, Zona X, Mister No, Magico Vento, and Julia.

Charles Harrington (Walnut Creek, CA) is a tarot expert based in California. He has been reading tarot professionally for several decades and is known for empowering, conversational, and solution-oriented readings.

*Out of print as of 8/5/2021. 

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