Madame Phoenix Spell Soaps (Multiple Options)


Madame Phoenix's famed vegan spell soaps are all hand-made in her studio in Toronto with a creamy blend of natural oils, herbs, resins and emollients, all for a wide variety of magical and spiritual purposes. Cleanse yourself of negativity with the Aura Cleansing or Rue soap, soothe your troubled spirit with the Peace soap, or indulge in the healing and purifying power of the Florida Water soap.

Use as part of a larger ritual you are doing for yourself, or daily as a hand or shower soap to incorporate easy magic into your daily life. Vegan; approximately 3 oz. in weight. Also available in a larger deluxe variety.

Now featuring Madame Phoenix's latest bar soaps with the cleansing power of Bayberry, and Dragon's Blood!


Available in the following varieties:

Aura CleansingUse this soap daily during your bathing routine to cleanse your aura from negative energies, spiritual heaviness and psychic stresses that can take their toll on your physical well-being; renew yourself and feel lighter, more peaceful and centred.

Bayberry: Used to bring good luck and prosperity; wash your hands with this to attract this positive energy into your grasp. 

Circle of Protection: Use when dealing with difficult or stressful people and situations, energy “vampires”, when you suspect others of directing negative energy at you. It's easy formulated ritual magic you can do every day!

Cleopatra: Formulated from ancient Egyptian natural oils, resins and herbs to evoke the regal beauty, power and sexual magnetism of the most famous Cleopatra herself. Wash every day with it and indulge yourself to feel more confident & desirable.

Crown of Success: Use this soap to create an aura of confidence around you when meeting with clients or coworkers, or when success is needed in any aspect of your life.

Dragon's Blood: Removes negative energy from your life, and cleanses your aura of unwanted influences; brings the dragon's strong and protective energy to drive away forces that could do you harm. 

Evil Eye: Wash with this Evil Eye soap when you have to be in the company of negative, toxic and harmful people or those who wish you ill.

This soap is made from our custom blend of essential oils, chosen from magical plants long associated with the mercurial energies associated with swift luck, kismet, happy coincidence and serendipity. 

Florida Water: Uses the sweet, uplifting scent of Florida Water, which is said to cure headaches, heartaches and bad luck; also offers protection and balm to the body, mind and spirit.

Healing: Can help heal and strengthen your aura, magically creating an energy of vitality, strength, wholeness and healing around you to spiritually assist you with recovery from illness or injury. Not a substitute for professional medical assistance.

High John the Conqueror: Use this to help you triumph against evil and to gain strength and power, money, luck and love. Made with real High John Root.

Holy HyssopHyssop has been used for spiritual purification for thousands of years. Use this soap daily to remove negative energy and feel lighter. 

Love is the LawUse to draw loving energy into your life, balancing your heart chakra and charging your aura with a healthy, radiant glow. 

Open Road: Use to help remove obstacles and break down blockages to success, to begin new ventures with a strong start and to ensure a smooth path to your goals.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years to cleanse both the body and the spirit, creating a peaceful and pure energy in your environment. Magically, palo santo is used to remove negative energy.

PeaceFormulated to instil a sense of peace of mind during your bathing routine - infusing your aura with a tranquil and relaxed energy. Calms and quiets restlessness, fosters a spirit of reconciliation between people who are fighting and brings balm to the the spirit. 

Road to RichesUse to open the way for riches to flow down life's path to you; creating an aura of shining wealth and prosperity around you.

RueRue, also known as Ruda or Ruta, has been used for hundreds of years for it's powerful spiritual energy. It is said to ward off the evil eye, break jinxes and hexes that have been cast on you, and bring love, luck, prosperity and protection. 

Spell Breaker: Removes magic that has been done against you, breaking any spells that are negativity influencing your life and holding you back; use as part of a larger spell breaking, jinx removing or uncrossing ritual, or daily to keep your energy clear and light.

UpliftingFormulated to help remove darkness of spirit that can make you feel run down, listless, tired and overwhelmed by life. Scrub away with this rich creamy soap and leave your mood and your aura shining as brightly as your skin!

Uncrossing: Feeling blocked, or that your life's path is 'crossed' by obstacles and negative energy? Use this soap to clear negative, un-productive patterns from your life and to allow you to move forwards towards your goals and dreams.

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