Madame Phoenix Deluxe Spell Soaps (Multiple Options)


Incredibly detailed, deluxe shaped versions of Madame Phoenix's popular spell soaps. Hand made by Madame Phoenix in Toronto, with a special selection of rich, luxurious essential oils!

Use as part of a larger ritual, or daily as a hand or shower soap.

Vegan. Approximately 4 oz. in weight; measure 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches.


Available in the following varieties:

Cleopatra: Formulated from ancient Egyptian natural oils, resins and herbs to evoke the regal beauty, power and sexual magnetism of the most famous Cleopatra herself. Wash every day with it and indulge yourself to feel more confident & desirable.

Goddess: A soap to imbue your body with the sacred feminine energy of the universe. Purple with silver mica.

Good Luck/Lucky 7: Made with seven different oils for positive energy and abundance in the seven aspects of life. Green horseshoe and four leaf clover. 

Irresistible Kisses (Kiss Me Quick): A sexy, "come-to-me" blend of oils to attract love. Red with a bitten apple.

Love is the LawUse to draw loving energy into your life, balancing your heart chakra and charging your aura with a healthy, radiant glow. 

Oshun BlessingA rich, sensual soap worthy of the Orisha Oshun, lady of love, beauty, prosperity and all the sweet things in life. A great companion to any ritual or spiritual work dedicated to Oshun.

Road to RichesUse to open the way for riches to flow down life's path to you; creating an aura of shining wealth and prosperity around you. Green with gold flecks suspended in the soap.

Evil Eye: Use as part of a larger ritual, or daily as a hand or shower soap. The traditional evil eye protection charm- in a sacred bright blue, formed to catch and turn away malevolent energy sent from the jealous or malicious towards you. .

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