Buckeye Prosperity Kit


It started with a dream. The large horse chestnut tree called me to it. When I approached it a path inside its massive trunk opened and i stepped inside. While in there it explained the power it held - that of prosperity and perhaps more importantly how to hold on to what you gain in life. It showed me a sigil that encompassed this part of its nature and told me to find its seed when they fell. It sold me how to make an oil that would work in any kind of magic to help bring this power to bear on the intention of the ceremony.

A month later I was out walking in one of my usual spots. I'd been waiting for the trees to start dropping horse chestnuts. At one of my favourite tress I found some of the nuts laying around. After I gathered the 10 I could find I gave an offering to the tree. Just as I finished talking about what I was going to do with them and leaving my offering an intense wind whipped up. Dozens more chestnuts rained from the tree. I gave my thanks and took it as a sign of this old tress support of the magic I am going to make with its seeds.

Over the last few months I’ve been putting together the pieces of this offering. Making the ink that is part of the talismanic sigil that is included in each set. Sourcing the essential oils to be used in creating the oil that goes with it. Spending time with the buckeyes (seeds) and the tree to clarify the process of consecrating the whole package.

Each set includes:

  • A 15 ml bottle of oil crafted under the trees instructions using oils*, resins, and part of the tree itself.
  • A sigil hand painted by me and animated by a ceremony given to me by this being.
  • A buckeye from the tree itself - collected in the story above.
  • A gold candle 
  • Instructions for use

Cost is $100 each and it is a limited onetime run of 10.

Individual buckeyes are available here.  The oil and sigil are only available with this kit 

* Patchouli, cinnamon root, wintergreen, neroli, and bay leaf oils and copal resin. 

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