Hibiscus Self Love Kit


I’m deeply focused on self-love this year. Because of that, I’ve been digging deep into ways to help folks step into themselves and their hearts.

This is officially the longest piece of magic I’ve ever wrought. Spanning 11 months of whispering to the plants I’ve grown for this, of asking spirits to tell me the secret of making this possible, of sitting with rocks and rivers to receive their blessings to put into this, of deepening my own self love so I can share more fully and clearly this work. I've done many workings to connect with sources of self-love to understand it better.

This kit is centred around self-love. I’ve been exploring doing magic to enhance my own self-love and to help other people create more of that for themselves too for most of this year. Through conversations with plants, sigils to help open up pathways to beings that understand self-love deeply, and other magical workings I have arrived at what is a very potent offering.

Two plants have stood up to help with this work most. Hibiscus which I have grown myself and tended to over the last year. Its flowers are used in every part of the work. The other is Rose of Jericho. A plant which I have used for years to help rejuvenate situations on many levels on my life told me it will help people return to a state of self love too.

This kit consists of an oil, an herbal bath, a hand drawn sigil, a candle and instructions for use. Each element has been carefully crafted and consecrated over many weeks. This kit is a one-off offering, and will not be offered again.

I've shared process images too. The sigil shown was one that brought out in the work and is not what yours will look like. That is a secret for only folks working this offering. 

The bath includes hibiscus, rose of jericho, calendula, bringgraj, rosemary, and yarrow. The oil contains cedar leaf, rose of jericho, palo santo, garnet, peridot, jasmine, scotts pine, ginger, basil and petigran in jojoba oil. 

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