The We'Moon Tarot Card Deck:


This is a deck of 78 tarot cards with an engaging, full-color 130-page guidebook, all packed into its own hard-shell box. The We'Moon Tarot Card Deck is made up of cards featuring art published in the We’Moon datebook over the course of 40 years. This multicultural/multigenerational spread provides a spectacular view of this extraordinary period in our lives, from the unique feminist perspective of We’Moon creative culture and earth-based women’s spirituality.

This Deck contains...

  • All 22 Major Arcana Cards from 0: The Fool to XXII: The World
  • Four sets of Minor Arcana Suits organized and color-coded by Element:
    • Earth (brown)
    • Air (yellow)
    • Fire (red)
    • Water (blue) 
  • The Element Suits contain the traditionally numbered cards from 1 thru 10, plus 4 Phase Cards representing four phases of the life cycle
    • Amazon/Daughter
    • Mother/Priestess
    • Matriarch/Clan Mother
    • Crone/Sage

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