The Way of the Living Ghost


by John Anderson

330 pages / September 2019 / 9781947544192

The Way of the Living Ghost is a cautionary treatise. It is a work about being hollow and overfull, and about seeing “now” and “then” through darkened eyes. It is about hunger, need, loss, violence, and injustice. It is a meditation on paradox and inertia. All of these are hallmarks of ghosts, but the living ghost can change its fate.

This enigmatic work by Dr Anderson combs through the Daodejing, line by line, in new translation giving robust commentary to the dark side of the Dao. It is a direct response to the pronounced current in Daoist literature which recognizes some form of “cultivated” or “perfected” person, but awards scant recognition of the “unwhole” or “imperfect” parts of a lived life. We invite you to delve into this work and explore the necromantic philosophy espoused herein and learn the ways of the living ghost.

Featuring art by Bryan Paul Patterson and Joseph Uccello, and a foreword by Brandt Stickley.