The Luna Sol Tarot


‘An uplifting, healing tarot deck that reflects our beautifully diverse world.’

Originally an indie deck from 2018 by Darren Shill and Mike Medaglia, the Luna Sol Tarot has been released in a new edition from Liminal 11, the same studio that released Lisa Sterle's popular Modern Witch Tarot.

The Luna Sol has a soft colour palette that gently warms the heart. Featuring characters that invite you in with moments of delicate vulnerability, The Luna Sol Tarot will wrap your intuition in a positive embrace.

The Luna Sol makes space for everyone. In these cards you will find humans of all races and ages, shapes and sizes – a reflection of our beautifully diverse world.
Rich in tarot traditions but with a modern twist, this is a deck that’s accessible to the beginner while offering plenty for the seasoned practitioner to enjoy on a deeper level.

Whoever you are, The Luna Sol Tarot will help you gain clarity, insight, and new perspectives.

“We are beautiful. We are ugly. One defines the other. We are small. We are large. Each measures the other. We express love. We express hate. Each breeds the other. Each of us is a revolving sun and moon.”
- Mike Medaglia

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