The Linestrider Tarot (Multiple Options)


Spun with soft strokes of vibrant colour and intricate detail, The Linestrider Tarot features gentle yet evocative images that dance on the edge between magic and logic. With grace and innovation, Siolo Thompson's captivating minimalist art will enhance your readings in powerful and profound ways.

Linestriding is about walking in two worlds - one foot in each to discover guidance. Drawing inspiration from the edge while still moving forward on the Fool's journey, this Rider-Waite-Smith-based deck helps uncover the answers you seek about health, love, career, and much more. Drawing upon Thompson's biracial and bisexual background, this deck perfectly captures the liminal spaces that the tarot inhabits.

About this deck, Thompson says, "The Linestrider Tarot is a deck that dances on the edge of magic and logic, animal and human, the conscious and unconscious mind. Drawing inspiration from that edge while still moving forward on the Fool's journey, that is line striding. Personally, the creation of the deck has been a journey for me as well. I've drawn each card several times until the I felt that the right voice had manifested. The deck is gentle and whimsical while not being overly superficial." 

Also available in a mini travel size (3" x 1.75"). A great tarot deck to accompany Thompson's Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle.

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