The Cocaine Tarot



A mysterious world of hidden desires locked deep inside of us. We recognize ourselves only being in a state of trance. Firstly, you take a little bit to get used to it, but then you explore more and more. An excitement in front of the unknown pushes into the maelstrom of secrets. And you no longer understand - where is the reality, and where is
the illusion. The world of bright colours and feelings. The world without masks, but with pure emotions only. The world you would want to come back to. All your fears and hurts tear you apart. In every image, you can see yourself, but can’t stop looking at them because you need more and more. Yes, it may be an addiction, but an addiction from your inner world.

And only the Cocaine Tarot deck can quench your thirst.
Every card will give you an answer. Who are you? Why are you here in this world? Why some people are in your life? And what do you really want?