The Buddha Tarot


Long out of print, this unique deck from legendary tarot author Robert M. Place has been brought back for the enjoyment of a new generation of tarot enthusiasts. 

The Buddha Tarot is a deck that links both the trumps of the tarot and the story of Siddhartha's enlightenment to demonstrate their startling similarities. 

By viewing the Tarot as a mandala, with the four suits representing the four cardinal directions and the trumps as the sacred centre, you can use this deck to change your consciousness and progress toward individuation. With this deck you will understand how the practice of divination itself prods us toward the realization that all is one as you begin to communicate with the unconscious and bring its wisdom into consciousness.

The author, Robert M. Place, is the designer and author of 17 Tarot and oracle decks, including the world-renowned Alchemical Tarot.

Box set features a full 78-card set with 288-page illustrated guide book. For experienced and advanced Tarot readers, as well as those interested in the history and development of the Tarot. 

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