Tarot de Marseille - Jean Dodal (Flornoy)


A classic Marseille Deck in a beautifully printed edition. 

"The engraver of the Jean Dodal and Jean-Pierre Payen Tarots hasn’t the high level of graphic talent and sure touch of Conver, nor the virile mastery of Noblet. What most characterises his work is its touching, uncomplicated quality. Dodal’s engraver is a simple person, surely well-rooted in a popular environment, direct. He is not intellectual or sophisticated.

Dodal indulges in no trickery or double meanings with his images. He had certainly been apprenticed with a master who was able to transmit whatever teachings and traditions were still extant at the end of the 17th century. The Dodal tarot dates from 1701-1715, the Payen from 1713. This engraver was still aware of the inner meaning of the Tarot. His work has a pleasant freshness, naivety and candour of line. And what is more, he is learned!"

~ From the manufacturers website

The cards are 3 x 5 3/8 inches. Printed on solid card stock. 

You can pick up a leather case for this deck here. 

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