Sweet Dreams Deluxe Spell Kit by Madam Phoenix


Having difficulty falling asleep? Are you having issues with nightmares and restless nights?

This hand-made spell kit contains a full ritual for you to perform, with instructions and ingredients. It’s the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love, when you’re going through a period of poor sleep, nightmares or night time restlessness.

Each kit contains:

  • Sweet Dreams bath oil (made with the same essential oils as Madame Phoenix's popular Sweet Dreams room spray and candle)
  • Tumbled amethyst crystal
  • Aromatherapy spiritual linen
  • Room spray
  • Mini dream pillow
  • Custom tea blend
  • Full instructions

Spell kit is presented in its own tin (6 3/4" x 5" x 1 3/4"). All contents vegan.