Rosemary and Lime Floor Wash by Madame Phoenix


Form meets function on the best way. Scrub your heavy, unwanted energy away - out of your house and out of your life! Rosemary and lime work perfectly together to clear away unwanted energy, elevate your mood and spirit, and banish dirt and germs. What a dynamic duo!

Fill your home with simple and practical magic from the ground up! The art of spiritually cleaning your home using magical floor washes is a time honoured hoodoo tradition.

Individually handmade with pure essential oils, organic herbs and biodegradable and safe for pets.

All Madame Phoenix Floor Washes are made with essential oils, and are biodegradable. Use them as you would your regular floor wash 1-2 tbsp. into a bucket of hot water and scrub away to infuse your space with magic from the ground up! Vegan. Approx. 250ml

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