Red Phantom Quartz


Red Phantom Quartz has been handled like a gem to receive the divine protection of a creator deity. This gem can unleash the creativity within you. If you are unsure how you want your future to look, this is an excellent tool to use. You will become clear about your wish and desire when you use Red Phantom Quartz. Then you will have the power to bring those dreams to life. 

Stones like Red Phantom Quartz symbolize the phantom. This stone has a symbolic meaning that can help you face your phantom. If you face your soul and thoughts, you may discover something about yourself that you hadn't known was there. In our society, few people act according to their instincts and their souls. Although living under discipline and common knowledge would be safe, it would be less productive. The Red Phantom Quartz can release all the bottled-up, unwholesome energies. 

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