Magical Chalk by Madame Phoenix (Multiple Options)


Draw a protection circle around your home or other space, or a banishing symbol to ward away negativity. Write out something you want out of your life - and then scrub it away! Draw abundance symbols or designs leading right to your door - the sky’s the limit! Use it to create a boundary around your sex magic. 

Drawing chalk designs is a very traditional way of infusing a space with magic, temporarily. Enjoy it today! Each of these chalks is individually hand made from herbs, oils, roots and even crystals suited to its magical purpose:

  • Protection - for warding off negative energies or spirits from your personal space 
  • Abundance - for attracting more positivity and growth into one's space and life
  • Banishing - for spell or sigil work to remove negative spirits or energies from a space
  • Love Magic - for bringing more love and affection into your personal space
  • Manifestation - for ritual or sigil work to bring forth one's desires into reality
  • Prosperity - for bringing more money and wealth into one's space and life

Chalk is for use on stone, ceramic, brick and other similar hard surfaces. May leave a more permanent mark on wood, linoleum floors, drywall and plaster surfaces. Chalk is vegan.