Playing Card Divination for Beginners


by Richard Webster

An Introduction to the Gentle Art of Card Reading

Now anyone can practice a six-hundred-year-old tradition of fortune-telling that survives to this day. Chances are you already own the necessary oracle. So grab a deck of playing cards and this latest book by popular author Richard Webster, and start reading the future for your family and friends.

In Richard Webster's book, you will learn the meaning of each card, how to interpret groups of cards, how to read your own cards, special spreads to answer questions about love and romance, and six other spreads from the simple to the complex.

This book features:

  • A beginner's guide to divination using a standard pack of playing cards
  • Techniques on how to memorize the meanings of the cards
  • Original spreads not available elsewhere
  • Instructions for anyone on how to gain advanced knowledge of opportunities, problems, relationships, money, career, and sudden changes
  • The poetry card reading "Six Paths to Happiness"