Orisha Obatala Incense Sticks by Madame Phoenix


Use this incense as an offering to Obatala, the King of the White Cloth and creator of the earth and human kind. Known for his wisdom, justice, serene and beneficent nature and spotless moral conduct, he is appealed to in legal cases of righteous justice, as a good role model for masculinity and fatherhood, protection for the wounded and disfigured, and for peace. His colour is white, so offerings to him should be white as well.

Madame Phoenix Incense sticks are hand made from high quality essential oils, organic herbs, resins, roots, powders and natural sources for a high quality magical experience and addition to your home or ritual space. Use as an offering, to set the energy of a space, or to simply enjoy the scent.

12 sticks per package.

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