Mercury Coin Custom Prosperity Talisman


Are you looking to get Lady Luck on your side? While protecting the gains you already have made? Then this charm might be just the thing you are looking for. They are perfect for situations where you are going to do the work once the opportunities arise. Are you a:

  • Sales person looking for leads.
  • Coach, aesthetician,  diviner, or reader looking for clients.
  • Someone making and selling things through a store, fair, etsy, or online.
  • Person hustling within a company or profession to move up to bigger and better things.
  • Anyone who needs luck to help through sticky situations in life

Then this is the right thing for you. It will help bring opportunities in the areas you are looking for them and offer a warning if something that could upset your success and plans is headed your way. It will help you navigate bureaucracy, systemic obstacles and all the general things that get in the way of things moving ahead smoothly. 

Silver Mercury Head Coins have been used for prosperity magic(k) for a long time. I am making a batch of charms using these coins which I recently acquired. Each one will be inscribed with a custom sigil for the person who buys it and then consecrated at with the spirits I work with time. Each coin will come with instructions for use and upkeep. They will all be drilled and have a jump ring attached. 

Each one in this batch will also come with a custom oil specific to this batch to help feed it and keep it working for years to come. 

This batch will be shipping on June 17th. If you order other things with your charm your whole order will be held until the charms are ready. If you'd like your other stuff sooner please place two orders - 1 with the charm and one with the rest in it. 

Just to make sure it is clear this is not actually a planetary magic but a spirit driven working. If you have any questions please email me before buying. 

Now go order yours before mercury zips off to the next thing. When they are gone they are gone. 

I bought a Mercury Dime talisman in 2017 from Andrew @ Hermit’s Lamp and it was consecrated with a spirit enchantment. It had a very good energy and I wore the charm with a treasured moonstone necklace for more than 5 years until it was recently lost. I missed the energy of my Mercury dime and it’s enchantment so much that I requested another from Andrew to replace it. This charm brought me such good, calming energy, meditations, and positive enjoyment wearing it everyday. It was a blessed charm and I am so very glad to be able to replace it. I look forward to the prosperity, well being, and success this new one will bring to me just like the one before it.

 Thank you,Andrew, for the magick you create and the attention to detail, creativity, and skill that you put into your products and art!!! Be blessed!!!

Thanks, Andrew!!!! I appreciate you and your work!!


How will it be personalized?

I'll check in with my guides and the cards to make sure all the right pieces come together. Then I'll carve the right symbols into it. Charge it with my guides, plant, incense and other things before sending it off to live with you. 

How do I work with it?

Each talisman will include a detailed set of instructions for both communicating your needs with this charm and how to feed it to keep it strong. 

What if I don't know much or anything about magic?

No worries. You are getting me to do this so you can make use of my decades of study and practice. If you can write on paper and follow a few simple directions you have got this. I am doing the hard part so it will be easy for you.