Mercury Coin Custom Prosperity Talisman


Are you looking to get Lady Luck on your side? While protecting the gains you already have made? Then this charm might be just the thing you are looking for. They are perfect for situations where you are going to do the work once the opportunities arise. Are you a:

  • Sales person looking for leads.
  • Coach, aesthetician,  diviner, or reader looking for clients.
  • Someone making and selling things through a store, fair, etsy, or online.
  • Person hustling within a company or profession to move up to bigger and better things.

Then this is the right thing for you. It will help bring opportunities in the areas you are looking for them and offer a warning if something that could upset your success and plans is headed your way. 

Silver Mercury Head Coins have been used for prosperity magick for a long time. I am making a batch of charms using these coins which I recently acquired. Each one will be inscribed with a custom sigil for the person who buys it and then consecrated at an astrologically propitious time. Each coin will come with instructions for use and upkeep. They will all be drilled and have a jump ring attached. 

This batch will be shipping on October 7th. 

If you have any questions please email me before buying. 


Now go order yours before mercury zips off to the next thing. When they are gone they are gone.