Madame Phoenix Chakra Soaps (Multiple Options)


These full sized soaps are each individually handmade with our chakra essential oils blend to heal, balance and cleanse your chakras. 

Engage in spiritual cleansing–literally!

ROOT: Brings grounding, connecting energy. Helps you to feel secure in yourself, attunes your most primal instincts, awakens and heals ancestral memories and karma, and nurtures familial love and connectivity.

SACRAL: Brings healing for guilt and addictive behaviours, increases healthy pleasure and enjoyment of life. Connects you to your deep emotions and works to balance and heal them. Stimulates creativity and artistic drive.

SOLAR PLEXUS: Helps you to be more in touch with your personal power, balances ego and encourages healthy self-esteem. Boosts willpower and focus, stimulates forward movement in your life out of stagnation.

HEART: Connects you to the universal current of love in the universe, helps you to heal emotionally and feel the love of friends, family and partners. Increases empathy, compassion and the flow of love through your life. Stimulates love and forgiveness of the Self.

THROAT: Allows you to recognize and express your own personal truth to the world, and to become accepting and attuned to your own originality as a being. Helps to overcome self-doubt and recrimination, encourages honour and personal ethics.

BROW: Known as the Third Eye chakra, this stimulates vision- both inner and outer. Increases psychic abilities as it balances and opens this higher energy centre, bringing self-reflection and self-knowledge, clarity of thought and greater insights into the nature of the universe.

CROWN: Opens you to the realization of the fundamental connectivity of everything in the universe- bringing peace, gratitude and deep joy. Is the point of entry of the Divine into your energy field. This chakra transcends the ego and helps us to think altruistically and openly.

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