Lavender Water by Madame Phoenix


Lavender Water is distilled from lavender flowers and leaves during the process of extracting the essential oil. Lavender Water captures the lighter volatile oils from the distillation process, as well as water-soluble healing compounds in the plant that are not present in the pure essential oil. This is perfect for adding to cosmetics, baths or for use as a skin toner. It is regenerative for damaged skin from sunburns, acne, or cuts and scrapes. Cooling and Soothing it is anti-inflammatory and safe for pets and children. 

Lavender has been used for thousands of years to heal and sooth both the body and the spirit. It brings peace to the mind and when sprinkles it dispels fear, negativity energy and hostility. 

Madame Phoenix Lavender Water is distilled in Canada from organic lavender for a high quality product that is excellent on it's own or mixed with other ingredients for your beauty or aromatherapy routine.