The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery


In Volume II of his tarot series, Dr. Wang explores the imagery of The Jungian Tarot from the standpoints of archetypal symbolism, history, and comparative religion.

The Jungian Tarot and Its Archetypal Imagery is a companion book to The Jungian Tarot Deck. The product of five years of research in consultation with the scholars at the C.G. Jung Institutes in New York and in Zurich, it carefully explains how each archetype interacts with the others and how the tarot can be viewed as a mirror of the human condition. Each trump card refers to one aspect of the dualities that Jung believed to be the key to the life process which he taught one has the capacity to resolve and thereby know the true meaning of life. And insofar as the cards represent key archetypes such as "Mother," "Father," "Son" and "Daughter," the archetypes are considered cross-culturally and from the standpoints of many religions. For example, the High Priestess may be known as the Virgin Mary, as Isis, or as any pure and primary goddess.

Pairs with the Jungian Tarot by the same author but the knowledge of this book can be applied to any other deck you own.