High John the Conqueror Incense Sticks by Madame Phoenix


The Original high John the Conqueror is from African American folk history. He used his strength, his luck and his wits to overcome all obstacles that were placed in his Plath, achieving freedom and greatness along the way. Today, his legend and power is integrated into North American hoodoo, root work and many of the Diaspora based faiths. Call on his energy to triumph against evil and to gain strength and power, money luck, and love. Made with real High John Root. 

Madame Phoenix incense sticks are hand made from high quality essential oils, organic herbs, resins, roots, powders and natural sources for a high quality magical experience and addition to your home or ritual space. Use as an offering, to set the energy of a space, or to simply enjoy the scent. 

12 sticks per package.

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