Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot


Reading tarot can be an incredible, illuminating experience. The cards offer valuable insights and guidance into many aspects of our lives, from relationships to career to personal growth and more.

But learning how to interpret each card can feel overwhelming. Many tarot decks come with instructions - little white books that give short descriptions for each card - but they don't always put the tarot into modern-day context, or offer the level of detail you're looking for.

Going Beyond the Little White Book sets out to change all of that.

Here you'll find up-to-date interpretations for all 78 tarot cards, including:

  • Questions and prompts to help you make personal connections to each card; 

  • Tips on How to interpret cards that appear as challenges versus opportunities;

  • Meditations for every card;

  • and more!

Whether you're just starting out as a tarot reader, or want to refresh your knowledge of the cards, this book will give you practical interpretations to help you understand tarot in a whole new way.

Use this book with any tarot deck.

Liz Worth is a tarot reader and author. She thought her one and only career would be as a writer but after she started reading tarot in 2008 on the advice of an astrologer, her life has never been the same.

Today she uses tarot to help others move past emotional and creative blocks, overcome any obstacles or setbacks, and begin to live their truth through personal freedom and creative liberation.