7 Day Elemental Candles by Madame Phoenix (Multiple Options)


Each of these large Elemental candles is made with a combination of oils, herbs and crystal energy to resonate with one of the four classic Magical Elements- earth, air, fire or water.

Each of these elements rules a time of day, a time of year, three zodiac signs, specific crystals, plants, animals and so much more!

Burn them in on a seasonal altar, when doing any Elemental work, to commune with that elements energy or bring the blessings of a specific element into your life.

Madame Phoenix Spell Candles are individually made with high quality soy wax, natural cotton wick, natural dyes and filled with pure essential oils, expertly blended to achieve a specific magical effect. Vegan.

Burn 6-8 hours at a time and trim the wick to 1/4" before relighting. Keep the crystal, the seals and your affirmation with you as a talisman in a black mojo bag after the candle is burned. 

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