Electric Incense Heater


Electric incense burners are a new way to burn loose incenses, resins and woods without relying upon charcoal.  The burner has a thermostat so that you can control the burn temperature, thereby releasing the aromatics more slowly.  This allows the true scent of the incense to develop and progress through its top, middle and base notes, elevating your experience.  Resins respond particularly well, releasing more scent and far less smoke than when burned on charcoal.

Easy to assemble and use, the burner comes packaged beautifully and includes: 

A 4” ceramic burner with heating element (complete with thermostat temperature control), base and top, the metal resin tray and two tools to assist you: incense tongs and a small spoon.

The cauldron version has a removable cord. The Red Buddha and Black Buddha do not. 

Check out our Tin Incense Burning Cups to keep your tray nice and fresh!

Tips for Use:

Use tinfoil instead of plain incense directly on the metal resin tray.  This will prevent resin buildup in the tray and keep each burn pure.  Powdering resins and woods before adding them to the tray will release scent faster than using whole pieces.

NOTE: Place burner on a heat proof surface.  Keep safe from children and pets. The unit does not have an automatic shut off.

Incense not included.

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