Rue Water by Madame Phoenix


Rue, also known as Ruda or Ruta, has been used for centuries in traditional magical practices. A true workhorse of the spell casters arsenal- rue is used to ward off evil, protect the home and to draw prosperity and good luck; it is used in love spells, to boost psychic abilities and to spiritually cleanse.

Rue water is brewed from rue grown in Madame Phoenix herb garden, and harvested with love, respect and care at the appropriate time of the moon.

Use this as an addition to wash waters for the home, or to cleanse your altar or ritual tools, purify blank candles before dressing them for a working or as an addition to a magical bath or soak- use 1-2 tablespoons in a bucket or bath, or a few drops on a clean cloth. Not for internal use.

Vegan. Packaged in 5 oz. bottle.