Altered States of Consciousness


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Dr Charles T. Tart (b. '37) is known for work on the nature of consciousness & altered states, as a founder of transpersonal psychology & for research in scientific parapsychology. His Altered States of Consciousness ('69) & Transpersonal Psychologies ('75), are widely used texts instrumental in making these areas part of modern psychology. He's currently ('05) a Core Faculty Member at the Inst. of Transpersonal Psych. (Palo Alto) & a Sr Research Fellow of the Inst. of Noetic Sciences (Sausalito), as well as Prof. Emeritus of Psych. at the U. of California, Davis, where he served for 28 years & emeritus member of the Monroe Inst. board of advisors. He was the holder of the Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies at the U. of Nevada in Las Vegas & has served as a Visiting Prof. in East-West Psych. at the California Inst. of Integral Studies, as an Instructor in Psychiatry at the School of Medicine of the U. of Virginia & a consultant on government funded parapsychological research at the Stanford Research Inst. (SRI Internat'l).
1 Some general views on altered states of consciousness
Altered states of consciousness/ Arnold M. Ludwig
Deautomatization & the mystic experience/ Arthur J. Deikman
A special inquiry w/Aldous Huxley into the nature & character of various states of consciousness/ Milton H. Erickson
2 Between waking & sleeping: the hypnagogic state. Ego functions & dreaming during sleep onset/ Gerald Vogel, David Foulkes, Harry Trosman
Some preliminary observations w/an experimental procedure for the study of hypnagogic & related phenomena/ M. Bertini, Helen B. Lewis, Herman A. Witkin
3 Dream consciousness. Theories of dream formation & recent Studies of sleep consciousness/ David Foulkes
Toward the experimental control of dreaming: a review of the literature/ Tart
A study of dreams/ Frederik van Eeden
Dream theory in Malaya/ Kilton Stewart
The 'high' dream: a new state of consciousness/ Tart
4 Meditation. On meditation/ Edward W. Maupin
Individual differences in response to a zen meditation exercise/ Edward W.E. Maupin
Experimental meditation/ Arthur J. Deikman
Meditative techniques in psychotherapy/ Wolfgang Kretschmer
5 Hypnosis. Hypnosis & the concept of the generalized reality-orientation/ Ronald E. Shor
Three Dimensions of hypnotic depth/ Ronald E. Shor
Hypnosis, depth perception & the psychedelic experience/ Bernard S. Aaronson
The psychedelic state, the hypnotic trance & the creative act/ Stanley Krippner
Psychedelic experiences associated with a novel hypnotic procedure, mutual hypnosis/ Tart
Autogenic training: method, research & application in medicine/ Wolfgang Luthe
6 Minor psychedelic drugs. Marijuana (cannabis) fact sheet/ Bruin Humanist Forum
The effects of marijuana on consciousness/ Anon.
Psychedelic properties of genista canariensis/ James Fadiman
Subjective effects of nitrous oxide/ Wm James
Inhalation psychosis & related states/ Frederick B. Glaser
7 Major psychedelic drugs. Current status & future trend in psychedelic research/ Robert E. Mogar
Implications of LSD & experimental mysticism/ Walter N. Pahnke, Wm A. Richard
Attitude & behavior change thru psychedelic drug use/ Joseph Downing
Ipomoea purpurea: a naturally occurring psychedelic/ Chas Savage, Willis W. Harman, James Fadiman
Psychedelic agents in creative problem solving/ Willis Harman et al.
Psychedelic experiences in acute psychoses/ Malcolm B. Bowers Jr, Daniel Freedman
Guide to the literature on psychedelic drugs/ Tart
8 The psychophysiology of some altered states of consciousness
An electroencephalographic study on the zen meditation (Zazen)/ Akira Kasamatsu, Tomio Hirai
Some aspects of electroencephalographic studies in yogis/ B.K. Anand, G.S. Chhina, Baldev Singh
Operant control of the EEG alpha rhythm & some of its reported effects on consciousness/ Joe Kamiya