Cradle of Life / Cradle of Humankind


This stone comes from the archaeological excavations at Magaliesburg Mountain Range in South Africa.

This site is where early hominids’ remains have been found (some as old as 3.3 million years old!) The area was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999.

Fossils were first unearthed here in the 1890s when the caves were blasted open for lime needed to extract gold. But it was only from the 1930s that serious scientific work started to take place.

One of the first significant discoveries here was that of “Mrs Ples”, a pre-human skull dating back more than two million years (Australopithecus africanus).

Cradle of Humankind Stone is known as the stone of our origin, and it gives inner peace and brings ancient wisdom. The stone strips you, helping you get back to basics and rebuild yourself. It is the perfect stone for ancestral healing. This stone opens up past-life Chakras and is a Gaia Healing Stone.

It is a powerful grounding stone, connecting us to the Earth.

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