7 Day Candle - The Star Tarot Candle by Madame Phoenix


The Star follows the Tower, bringing hope, renewal of faith, reconnection with your inner and outer understanding of the Divine, and a more balanced and whole sense of Self. Who are you when all is stripped away? What do you pour out to nourish your own life, and those of others? What big dreams have risen within you? Now is the time to hope, to dream, to shine.

Burn this candle when working to add your unique gifts and blessing out into the world - foster hope and the highest aspirations, stay connected to your most spiritual and Divine nature and it will steer you where you need to go. Your generous spirit is boundless when it flows from the unlimited energy of the Universe. If you were drawn to this candle, now is the time to shed all that limits you and covers your authentic self, and allow your truth to shine!


24 oz.; burns for 7 days. Vegan. Burn times are approximate; its recommended that you burn soy candles for 4-6 hours at a time maximum, and then allow to cool and reset before lighting again. This greatly extends the burn time of your candle! 

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