7 Day Candle - Death Tarot Candle by Madame Phoenix


The Death card rules endings, which give way naturally to new beginnings. Each cycle of our lives must end - all things are transient, moving towards their end. The Death card reminds that high or low, king or beetle, all come to meet Death eventually.

Because of this absolute certainly, Death reminds us to seek the joy in the moment, in this cycle that we are in right now. Death brings us the power to gracefully let go what no longer serves us, to clear the fields for new growth and to start new things unencumbered by that which no longer serves us.

Burn this candle when working to end one cycle of your life and begin another anew- call the magic of transformation and rebirth to you; there can be pain and sorrow in leaving the old behind, but the adventure continues and calls you to join it.

Topped with obsidian, funerary myrrh and roses. 

24 oz.; burns for 7 days. Vegan. Burn times are approximate; its recommended that you burn soy candles for 4-6 hours at a time maximum, and then allow to cool and reset before lighting again. This greatly extends the burn time of your candle!


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