CBD Tarot de Marseille


This reproduction of the Conver Marseille deck goes beyond just copying the original. Yoav Ben-Dov has added character and class to bring the deck more into alignment with what it would have been like when printed. Hand drawing the lines and lettering adds a charming handmade feel to the deck. 

This is the US Games edition.

Each card measures 62×120 mm with round corners. The illustration frames (without borders) measure 57×114 mm. This is the average measure of card frames in the original Conver wood plates.

This deck comes with a little white book of meanings. 

If you are buying this deck please check out the larger companion book Marseille Tarot Revealed. It adds depth to reading this deck and a very inspiring approach to tarot in general. Buy them together to save. 

These images are also featured on a large selection of T-Shirts.

Jumbo, presentation size, cards are also available here. 


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