Black Locust Custom Protection Talisman


Often folks end up working magic when things have gone wrong, missing out on the easier road of pre-emptive working. This can be easily seen in situations where folks have found some success in love, work, or prosperity only to lose it and start over again. Usually, they find themselves in a loop of gain and loss, over and over again. 

Over the last few years I have been spending a lot of time with the black locust trees. These beautiful trees have been sharing their potent magic with me. If you don’t know them they are strong, thorny plants that often show up when areas are cleared. They move in and protect their area, both through outcompeting other plants and their exterior armour. This is exactly the kind of magic we need to move ahead in life and keep what we gain through our efforts.

As they have shared their nature with me they have also been explaining how to make protective talismans with them: Showing me both what other plants and minerals to add, what prayers and energies to call to support and anchor their energy into the work, and a new song just for this working. 

To be clear, you don’t have to be in a bad spot to benefit from these charms. If you already have success, it will help you keep it; if you are in a hard spot it will help protect you and your efforts to get ahead, making the road easier by minimizing interference. 

These charms will come built into small aluminum tube. It is perfect for carrying with your keys, in a bag, adding to an altar, or for keeping in your home or place of work. I like these because they are discreet. No one will know what they are by looking at them. You will also get full instructions and a bottle of oil to feed your charm. 

Or you can order one in a sterling silver pendant that you can wear on a chain. 

They charms will be consecrated on May 19th, and be ready after that date to ship or pick up. If you place an order with other items your order will ship when the charm is ready. 

How will it be personalized?

I'll send everyone who buys one an email and ask them a series of questions to help me clarify their needs. Then I'll check in with my guides and the cards to make sure all the right pieces come together. Then I'll carve the right symbols into it. I'll charge it with my guides, plant, incense and other things before sending it off to live with you. 

How do I work with it?

Each talisman will include a detailed set of instructions for both communicating your needs with this charm and how to feed it to keep it strong. 

What if I don't know much or anything about magic?

No worries. You are getting me to do this so you can make use of my decades of study and practice. If you can write on paper and follow a few simple directions you have got this. I am doing the hard part so it will be easy for you.