Animal Worry Stones


Worry stones have long been used as a simple way of using tactile sensation to relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to being a wonderful took for grounding oneself and  fostering mindfulness, they are also excellent for use in breathing and meditation exercises.

These polished worry stones come in a wide variety of stone types (including chevron amethyst, dalmatian jasper, clear quartz, blue aventurine, lapis lazuli, mahogany obsidian and many others) engraved with the image of an animal. (e.g. bison, orca, hawk, moose, cat, dog, etc.) Many of these animals are often associated with various meanings:

  • Cats: Independence and intuition
  • Dogs: Loyalty and friendship
  • Frogs: Peace and rebirth
  • Bison: Power and Abundance
  • Eagle: Divinity and Vision
  • Snake: Shrewdness and Transformation
  • Ladybug: Love and Protection
  • Owl: Wisdom and Vision
  • Orca: Ancient Wisdom and Guardianship
  • Hummingbird: Joy and Magic
  • Moose: Steadfastness and Solitude  
  • Woodpecker: Perseverance and Empathy
  • Crow: Protection and Cunning
  • Dragonfly: Immortality and Agility
  • Cougar: Leadership and Courage
  • Ram: Curiosity and Presence
  • Bear: Strength and Stamina
  • Salamander: Passion and Agility
  • Beaver: Creation and Diligence
  • Dolphin: Intelligence and Playfulness
  • Salmon: Persistence and Knowledge
  • Deer: Kindness and Sensitivity

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