Ancestralite is a metaphysical name given to a pseudomorphic mineral with a high Iron content. It is said to contain Martite which is a Hematite pseudomorph whereby the iron ore Magnetite has been replaced by Hematite. Its name reflects the energetic effects of this stone on one’s energetic bodies and energy fields.

The colour of this mineral is dark grey/silver or deep rusty red depending on the concentration of the iron oxides present, which can result in the formation of a stone which is banded in appearance with some of these bands having a speckled metallic lustre.

The frequency of Ancestralite connects to the Earth Star Chakra and Base Chakra. It helps to open these chakras allowing for energies to be grounded into the third dimensional reality, and can thus help to ground energies from the past into the present or ‘Now’.


This iron based mineral was formed early in the creation of Mother Earth, and thus the energy of Ancestralite can help bring forth issues from the past, including past lives and one’s ancestral lineage that they can be dealt with and healed. It can help with the release of karmic energy.

Due to the high iron content present in this mineral it can help with issues connected to the blood and blood system.


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