Albano-Waite Tarot


For this version of the RWS, Pamela Colman Smith's iconic artwork was pumped up with the vibrant colouring of Frankie Albano. The deck was originally published in 1968 and this went out of print just a few years later.

Over the years, demand for a reprint of Albano's recolouring of the RWS built, and U.S. Games Systems re-issued a facsimile deck from the original in 1991. It has remained a staple for tarot readers, enthusiasts, and collectors ever since.

The colours are bright with lots of purples and greens, which help readers focus on details they might have otherwise missed. In a unique design decision, the background of the Minor Arcana are colour-coded: The Cups feature light blue-green, the Wands are orange, the Pentacles lime green, and the Swords yellow. This is a vivid deck that appeals to those nostalgic for the psychedelic sixties, or who appreciate the "wow" factor of Albano's distinctive colouring. Groovy.


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