Abramelin Oil


Also called Oil of Abramelin, ABRAMELIN OIL is a traditional ceremonial magic oil blended from the oils of prescribed plants, either macerated plants steeped in oil, or essential oils. The oil was described in a medieval grimoire called The Book of Abramelin, written by a German of Jewish descent called "Abraham of Worms." The recipe is considered to have been adapted from the anointing oil described in the Book of Exodus, attributed to Moses.

The version that Quadrivium Supplies has chosen to offer at this time is the recipe taken from the latest understanding of the various German translations of the Book of Abramelin. Our oil contains essential oils of cinnamon, myrrh, and calamus, in a base of olive oil. Pure vitamin E has been added to this mix to serve as a preservative and natural anti-oxidant. Unlike other Quadrivium Oils, we can only promise a "lifespan" of six months with this oil. Olive oil goes rancid quicklyd we have never worked with an olive oil-based creation for public sale before. There is an extremely limited amount of this oil - it was created at the start of a full moon, in the Hour of the Sun on the Day of the Sun, and matured for a full lunar month.

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