A Tarot of You by Andrew McGregor


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You belong in tarot!

Imagine finding the perfect tarot deck. One where every symbol speaks directly to your life and experience. Where all the imagery ties together your history, your hopes, and your ambitions. How wonderful would it be to interpret every card without having to get a book off the shelf and wade through ideas that don’t apply to your situation?

Imagine how clearly this perfect deck would reveal the nature of your own spirit to you. Imagine how easily you would interpret what these cards were saying when you were giving readings. This book is the key to creating a deck that works at that level of ease, precision, and insight.

Through blending a bit of magic, psychology, and easy-to-follow daily work, you will find not only your own personal tarot, you’ll also come to understand more about who you are.

Andrew’s book A Tarot of You may very well be the future of tarot.” ~ Barbara Moore, author, reader, and shaman

“Why buy another tarot book? Because this book isn’t about making meaning out of the cards, it’s about making magic with the cards.” ~ Carrie Paris, author, artist, and creator of The Magpie Oracle.

“A Tarot of You’s creative, day-by-day blend of structure and synchronicity engages the whole self – body, mind, emotion, spirit, intuition, and the world around you.” ~ James Wells, evolutionary tarot consultant, author of Tarot for Manifestation.