7 Day Candle - The World Tarot Candle by Madame Phoenix


The World brings successful conclusions to your quest or journey- all things are in balance and are manifest to the triumphant seeker! The lessons of the past are wisely integrated into plans for the future, success in learning and applying that knowledge has lead you to mastery of your world - the laurel wreath of victory frames the transcendent figure.

Burn this candle when seeking the most successful outcome to any project you’re working on, or cycle in your life. If you are needed resolution, completion and closure, this card’s energy embodies all of that and more. It is being in the right place at the right time, and celebrates your accomplishments, successes and triumphs. If you’re drawn to this candle, its energy of completion and profound inner reward and accomplishment, so you can work on reaching this joyous goal for yourself.


24 oz.; burns for 7 days. Vegan. Burn times are approximate; its recommended that you burn soy candles for 4-6 hours at a time maximum, and then allow to cool and reset before lighting again. This greatly extends the burn time of your candle! 

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