Arcane Bullshit Deck


"A F*cked-up Fortune-Telling Deck For Weirdos"

Arcane Bullshit is a completely serious and fully functional fortune-telling oracle deck***, created by Toronto illustrator Evan Doherty and originally funded by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. It was forged in the crucible of eternal mysterious awesomeness and is a direct conduit to forgotten realms of reality-bending Bullshit. Just draw a card, stare into the profound imagery it reveals, then make up some shit about the future!

The Arcane Bullshit Oracle Deck features:

  • 100 original black and white illustrations
  • Dark, angsty subject matter
  • Surprisingly profound dick jokes
  • Ultimate mystical power!
  • Irony!

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***WARNING: Use of Arcane Bullshit products is not recommended for clerics, bishops, sapient dolls, anyone born before 1960, nieces, or butlers. Consult a physician immediately if you experience mind-rending hallucinations lasting longer than 666 hours, or your fingernails turn into soap. For best results, set up a wicker tent in your den, home office, or wherever dark and unspeakable rites are performed. Consecrate the tent with koala tears and vermouth. Kneel on a balsa rod for no more than 66 seconds. Do not attempt to use Arcane Bullshit products without a level 36 ectoplasmic shield, and a 4″ brass toad.

Check out our store spotlight article on the Arcane Bullshit deck for more information on this oracle deck that -- in an age of politics, pandemics and murder hornets -- is now more relevant than ever

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