Anonima: Tarot of the Nameless


From Toronto artist Ben O'Neil comes an amazing deck with bold, one-of-a-kind artwork, grounded in the familiar traditions of classic tarot imagery.

The Anonima Tarot is a psychedelic reimagining of traditional tarot symbolism, bringing to life a vibrantly colourful world where mystical science fiction and medieval fantasy coexist. 

Based primarily in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition (with additional inspiration from the legendary Sola Busca tarot and the classic Tarot de Marseilles), the deck offers something new for both the seasoned and emerging tarot enthusiast. 

Includes complete 78-card tarot deck in a two-piece box, introductory booklet and comprehensive digital guide with card meanings. 


About the Author

Ben O'Neil is a Toronto-based illustrator, designer and screenwriter. His first graphic novel Apologetica was published by Popnoir Editions in 2019, and nominated for the 2020 Expozine Prize and the Doug Wright Award for Emerging Talent. Previous freelance clients include Jacobin, Exclaim! Magazine, Socialter, Sweet Jesus and Left Field Brewery.

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