Animal Power Deck


Animal Power Deck is a celebration of the wonders of the natural world and a must-have spiritual tool for modern mystics and the spiritually curious. Pull a card at random to inspire your day, find an animal that resonates with you in the moment, or share the deck with friends to spark conversation and self-discovery. These 75 cards feature spectacular animals paired with their empowering wisdom teachings for confidence, joy, and conscious awareness. An accompanying booklet includes messages, visualizations, and invocations so you can honourably connect with each creature's energy, wisdom teachings and power. 

Alyson Charles is a revered shaman and spiritual teacher devoted to living by the calls of inner wisdom, mysticism, energy medicine, and shamanic practices she has mastered through her studies with spiritual teachers, both of and beyond this world. She leads global courses, events, and talks to reconnect people to their fullest power and confidence. Alyson's power animal shamanic journey was named a top meditation to try by O, The Oprah Magazine, and she has been called "a leading shaman for expanding others into their full gifts and power" by Forbes. Alyson has collaborated with a range of additional media outlets including the New York Times, HBO, National Geographic, Well + Good, mindbodygreen, Self and Elle.

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