Citrine Crystal Bath Bomb by Madame Phoenix


These crystal spell bath bombs combine scent, plant extracts, crystal energy and colour magic together to make a powerful magical tool for your ritual use. Individually hand made and prepared just for you!

Citrine is like sunshine made solid. Works to invigorate and rebalance your energy, willpower and transmutes and dispels negative energy. Encourages joy and wellbeing and is energizing and invigorating.

Draw and Soak in these baths while visualizing your goal that is appropriate to your specific crystal- then submerge yourself in their energy and fill your aura with their power; then keep the crystal afterwards to work with, carry or use in a larger ritual for your purpose.

Each of these bath bombs is individually hand made by Madame Phoenix in Toronto with pure essential oils, organic herbs and a real crystal nested into it, charged and prepared to work its magic with your energy.

Approx. 9 oz/3”; Vegan

*Colour may vary from picture

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