Women of Science Tarot


From a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, comes a deck that celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of women in science, while staying true to the hallowed traditions of the tarot.

The Women of Science Tarot Deck helps us tell stories about our past, present and future, based on the principles and history of science. Each card of the Major Arcana features a fundamental scientific concept like extinction, diversity, or gravity. The 56 Minor Arcana cards feature inspirational and remarkable women who have changed the course of STEM, like Hedy Lamarr ("The Mother of WiFi"), Rosalind Franklin ("The Dark Lady of DNA"), and Ada Lovelace ("The First Computer Programmer").

This deck, however, is not just an amazing visual instructional tool for learning about women and the history of science -- the Women of Science deck also honours the tarot by incorporating the elementary energies of the four suits and the numerology of the Minor Arcana. The extensive guidebook is also written for readers new to the tarot and those wanting to learn more about women in STEM. The guidebook contains scientist biographies and keywords for all of the cards, as well as full instructions for divinatory use, including a spread adapted from the classic feminist Motherpeace Deck.


MIT Press and Massive Science are proud to offer a feminist tarot deck that values both diversity and representation. The set includes a tarot deck of 76 cards, measuring approx. 2.75" x 4.75" x 0.95", and a printed paperback gameplay guidebook of approx. 93 pages, approx. 4" x 6" x.45, " packaged in a custom two-piece rigid box.

You can also go to the Women of Science Tarot page on Massive Science for the PDF instructional booklet, guidebook, and teaching guide for classroom use.

Also check out Jameson Hampton's review of this deck on Women Write About Comics.

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